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Why Handmade Products?

Danielle Barzilai


Grace of Thunder values authenticity. We take pride in the simplicity and function of every wallet. By crafting our products by hand, we connect with the materials bringing soul and love into our creations. Our handmade products are valued for their uniqueness and aesthetic attractiveness. Each wallet is carefully crafted with imagination, time, and attention to reveal its own intricacies. The hands of Grace are behind each wallet, from design sketches, till the wrapping and shipping. 

We believe our part in the handmade revolution is to gift with detail and personality. Our one of a kind wallets share exclusivity.  By supporting this revolution we are embracing the diversity of cultures and ideas. 

Our passion comes from Grace. 



Danielle Barzilai

As an artist I carry a sketchbook, camera, and a variety of music while traveling. These three things are the sources of my inspiration. I take notes, make quick sketches, and seek out local music to immerse myself in the flavor of the region.

Oftentimes we cannot create without inspiration. It ignites our thoughts and can release our sometimes dormant creativity. 

When observing my surroundings I’ve learned to notice the small things; how people dress, how they talk, what they do. I record them in my sketchbook - it can be a quick drawing or one that takes me hours until I'm visually satisfied.

These sketches are crafted with a variety of mediums (watercolor, ink, charchol, marker) from a trip I took to PARIS! One of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. I have found the importance in loosing myself in moments of creation. Out of that process come the designs for the wallets on this site! Each of them has a story, and each connects to ideas and experiences I have had.

Bienvenue à Paris